Daily Prompt: Gratitude

Gratitude is a heartful acknowledgement for all that we have received. It is the ability of thankfulness. Gratitude is the quality of appreciation for the gifts and blessings of life that we have been given. Gratitude is the soulful desire to feel satisfied and allow space in our lives for generosity and contentment.

Gratitude is the opportunity for you to shine and be glorified by the bliss of those for whom you were able to make a positive difference in their lives. Gratitude is not just admiration or expressing gratefulness, but it is also mercy or the quality to forgive others for the harm they did to your life. Gratitude is the matured feeling expressed to show a jealousy-free heart and soul.

Gratitude blesses us with feelings of satisfaction and happiness. It reminds us that only attaining prosperity in terms of wealth doesn’t make us feel the abundance in life. The real fulfillment is achieved with the habit of expressing gratitude even for the smallest of the things and savor each and every gift of cheerfulness that comes our way, and that will be the true spirit of life.

Rise and shine.


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