The Surreal Past

Daily Prompt: Surreal

Past…it seems so surreal. Every time I think of my past I always feel it like a dream or as if my bygone days were not real. When I compare my past with my present, I find my past absolutely surreal and almost nonexistent. I notice that it was just an imagination and never want to believe it was true or real.

All the events, all the relationships, all the emotions seem so masked and fake. A literal surreal experience my whole past was. Many times I perceive it as chapters of a book I would never want to read and other times it inspires me to consider my real present and the true future. I have undoubtedly improvised and shaped myself to stay confident, strong and focused but I question to myself all the time whether this self-crafting was as a result of the surreal past experience or was it just me wanting to challenge myself for a change.

Past is always a lesson as all the good books say, but I would rather prefer to keep it as an antique in some corner of my life which I don’t want to but I have to. Past is indeed a surreal life changer but it all depends on you how you want to name it. For many, it can be surreal yet beautiful and for others, it may just be a want-to-forget trauma of life. We can never run away from our past, in fact, we should not, but it isn’t wise to keep it alive forever as it will never let you lovingly embrace your present or sweetly dream about your future.

Rise and shine.



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