Your Simplicity is Your Trademark

Daily Prompt: Trademark

Your smile is your trademark, always wear it to conquer the world

Your attitude is your trademark, carry it well.

Your style is your trademark, make your own trends.

Your creativity is your trademark, be innovative.

Your personality is your trademark, craft it studiously.

Your silence is your trademark, let it speak the unspoken.

Your focus is your trademark, emphasize on making a difference in this world with your intellect.

Your passion is your trademark, don’t let it fade away.

Your tolerance is your trademark, have patience as it’s the greatest virtue

Your instinct is your trademark, never stop believing in yourself.

Your wisdom is your trademark, let it inspire and motivate others.

Your commitment is your trademark, never fail to keep promises.

Your strength is your trademark, stay tough to face the challenges of life.

Your love for mankind is your trademark, try to spread peace and harmony in the world.

Rise and shine.



    1. Apologies for the delay in replying back to you. I am glad you feel that way – It really inspires me to write more for my readers. Oh! If you need some frames (with quotes) designed, I have a friend who can work it out for you 🙂 Hope, you keep enjoying my writing. Thanks, K!

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      1. Appreciate all those kind words from you. Life is too complicated to complicate it more. Therefore, a small effort to simplify thoughts on life in words. Soon coming up with another “travel – food – life” blog. Thanks again, K!

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