Be Loyal Amongst a Fake Crowd

Daily Prompt: Loyal

The greatest virtue of life is to be loyal to yourself come whatever may. The second best virtue is to stay loyal to your family as well as those who stand by you and defend you in your thick and thin. Be loyal to the ones who are true to you even in your absence. Being loyal means everything to the people who respect your opinions and decisions and not just portray you as imposing your views on them.

But is it worth being so loyal to everyone? Well, loyalty goes in return for honesty. In straight words, the ones who are consistent, stable and honest to you should be rewarded with your loyalty. A loyal person always has to go through all the troubles of life but during the tough times it’s patience one has to hold. Time will be harsh to the loyals, but no matter how many times your loyalty is tested, you never lose this nobility and stay strong.

Being loyal will help you overcome mountains of difficulties and this characteristic will in turn earn you honour and esteem. Stay loyal to your dear ones even when they are not right, try to make them realize their mistake and lead them to a righteous path. Loyalty is uncommon but it is in fact the world for you, so make it not an option but a priority for it will strengthen your ethics and determination.


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