The Elastic Revolution

Daily Prompt: Elastic

It’s a new world and life has become faster than ever. It’s a piece to think whether in this rapidly-changing world human beings still necessarily need to remain the slaves of rigid and orthodox cultures and prejudices. With the new generation and their novel thought process, his rigidity seems to have long forgotten and forbidden. Every old culture, tradition, ritual as well as to a large extent prejudice has gone elastic to match the speed of the present days.

The flexibility and elasticity of old customs have found space into the good books of the older generation given the trending life and lifestyle of every generation presently. However, there are innumerable exceptions to this fact but still, the world is loving and welcoming this elastic change brought on by love, kindness, courage and broad-mindedness. This elastic renaissance was a much-needed phenomenon since ages but there were weak mindsets and rigid myths hurdling this adaptation.

Inequality, partiality, discrimination and such strengths of the wicked should really be abolished as the existing world needs the power of creativity and confidence rather than the sick mentality. Shrewdness, intolerance, differentiation should be abandoned so that the age-old rules can be made elastic and flexible for the betterment of future generations. Customs and traditions were carved by our ancestors for spreading happiness and not prejudice. So, let us all pledge to support the ones who are making constant efforts to make this world a wonderful place once again.



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