Being Athletic

Daily Prompt: Athletic

Wonder what and how people to do be fit and energetic and especially how they attain their athletic skills? Well, we all know it’s just not only the regular exercise and diet that works, but it’s much more beyond it.

Being athletic is nothing but remaining outside your comfort zone. Athleticism is the measure of how much you slog yourself for the attainment of a specific skillset. Being athletic is the amount of sweat you squeezed out of yourself to gain your set goals. The efforts, the hard work as well as the precision you master is what one calls to be athletic.

Try to slave yourself to every single drop of perspiration to taste the success of your acquired skillset. Being athletic is the power to govern your senses and not fall weak for momentary luxuries and comforts. Every act of labour put in surely pays off one day if you are determined for the benefit of your own self, for the benefit of being athletic.


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