The Popular Teacher

Daily Prompt: Popular

Satnam sir

Satnam sir

There are different academic stages of a student’s life, but in countries like India, X & XII grades are the most crucial because these 2 years decide a student’ fate. However, for these important years, a good teacher is the greatest role player to bless the student with a bright future. Let me take the privilege of introducing such a teacher who helped me and many like me in one of these crucial academic years, X grade. Mr Satnam Singh Hooda is till date the favourite teacher of students and their parents and of course the most popular figure in my town.

Every student who learns under the popular Satnam Sir’s guidance is absolutely successful in life. His approach towards teaching the basics is phenomenal and that has helped innumerable pupils including me to master the basics of academics. His incredible teaching methods, his fatherly attention towards every kid and his straightforward and down-to-earth nature with a touch of innocence and honesty have made him popular and the best among other tutors.

Through this international medium, I want to thank the coolest and the most popular Satnam Sir on behalf of all the students whom he has taught and is teaching for his amazing lessons of academics as well as life. For people like me starting tutoring with him was the most positive turning point of my life. Satnam Singh Sir is a true inspiration for people of every age. His teaching qualities and practical methods of looking towards numerous possibilities of success through knowledge, hard work and perseverance have proven to be blissful for us.

Thank you, Sir. You are truly special.



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