Launch: It’s all about being yourself

Daily Prompt: Launch

Launch – how many meanings this word has, but indeed, the best meaning to fit this word is to start putting action to your thoughts, to begin to celebrate every single moment of life, to be who you are. Dreams don’t come true until you want them to. So, live your passion, transform your odds to the best probabilities and be proud of what you have done for yourself.

It is rightly said, life is short and we need to make the most out of it. Launch your inner self and learn new ways to brighten and enlighten yourself in every way possible. Be healthy, be active, rejoice, dance and hold yourself responsible for all your goods.

Life is a launch pad, so be bold enough to pull back your hardships, drag back your toughs and launch your heart to aim big. Success isn’t always meant to yield monetary benefits, but it, of course, always means to be happy from within and be kind to others. Don’t just keep thinking but have the courage to launch your ideas and visualize the magic it creates into this world.

Life is a race, launch your best foot forward and begin the winning streak.


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