Be Focused, Not Distracted

Daily Prompt: Focused

Success, failure, gain, loss are the steps of the ladder of life; however, it would cost the last drop of perspiration to climb these steps and reach the top of that ladder. Achievements aren’t easy and hence one has to kick the distractions off and march ahead towards the goal post focused.

Life turns out to be a simple calculation of we stay focused on the righteous pathway to gain experiences and fruitful outcomes. Distractions easily please us. They make us imagine that shortcuts are not shortcuts towards the attainment of our purpose in the real sense. Therefore, here, being focused becomes crucial as it helps melt down the distractions and solidify determination.

Being focused also creates curiosity and the hunger to the achievement of great heights. Not only that, the focus is a bliss for inspiration, confidence and dedication. Motivate yourself and develop a focus on goals and then audience the wonders it brings to your life. Sand your past and focus on today and the new tomorrow as it’s a necessity for the movement towards a brighter tomorrow and a brighter world on a whole.


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