FIERCE – The Crest & Trough


Daily Prompt: Fierce

Fierce is a term that sounds like and can be interpreted as the recession of fear, but what’s that fear. Well, the introduction of this fear is very simple. The fear of everything within you and encircling you. Be fierce enough to be decisive to choose your own life and live it ferociously with confidence and self-respect.

Fierce is the one who faces strange and freakish challenges of the life; fails multiple times yet manages to conquer the fright within and kisses the sweet triumph. Let “Fierce” be the vital element you possess to let others realize your significance because you have what it takes to be fearless and ultimately fierce.

The fierce outfit needs a few fitting trials but once fit you will be aptly gifted with charisma and vision. Grace and dignity shall be your companions while walking the path of thorns fiercely. Being fierce is like the rhythm of your acts and measurement of your attitude.

Be fierce yet opulent in spreading love but be timid and greedy when it comes to anguish and woe.


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