VICE – Not Just A Mask


Daily Prompt: Vice

The combination of anger, hatred, frustration, arrogance, falsehood and more of such negative characteristics is “Vice”. Your nobility and morality should be the dominating features that would help you shine out in the wicked crowd. A positive attitude towards making efforts shall kill the vice in the form of negative approach towards those efforts.

Vice is the act of cowards whereas righteousness sparkles a virtuous personality. Vice is always hidden but goodness is always upfront and flawless. Be the savior and preserver of dignity and respect and don’t let the vice strike your inner self and character on the whole.

Ethics and generosity should be your weapons for killing the vice of immorality and thus misconduct. Never unveil yourself bearing a dual personality where even your soulful self is masked by the “Vice” of villainy. Make efforts to struggle and rise through the stratagem of greed and selfishness, for these, compile to be the vice damaging munificence and rectitude.

The vice of ignorance is avoidance of reality.



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