EXPERT – The Trial & Error Game


Daily Prompt: Expert

Nobody is born genius. Every single individual has to begin from somewhere and then after making a series of mistakes and corrections becomes an expert. All in all, an expert was once a beginner who took all the pain through all the odds that came in the way as obstacles and managed to emerge out successful.

However, learning and gaining experience should be an ongoing process even for the expert because only then one would keep attaining expertise. Become an expert in honesty and humanity because then nobody will stop you becoming an expert in your own field. Try would be the word for anyone to climb the staircase of expertise and becoming an expert.

Let failures be a part of your journey because they tend to strengthen you in moving on and not give up and this is how experts are born. An expert is the one who measures the priorities before making decisions and such thoughtful approach earns prowess.

The efforts that you put up to achieve something and the attitude that you carry for such efforts sum up to grade the chances of becoming an expert. Give yourself room to work hard, learn, fail, rise up from failures and believing in yourself for this ultimately will make room for your success and reaching the zenith to be an expert.

Always think you can because if you do so you definitely will.


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