CHEAT – A complete cessation of trust



Have you ever realized how profound and intense cheating can be? Cheating is a big destructor of peace within oneself. It is also the greatest destructor of relationships and ultimately love. It changes the outlook that you possess to see this world. Cheating never fetches you what you deserve rather it is the enemy that kills honesty and trust.

Cheating is like picking up a rock and throwing it to yourself resulting in hurting yourself. Cheating is like stabbing someone and then bluffing as if you were bleeding. Cheating is an act of cowardice and fake apologies for it is a sinful manoeuvre.

The worst consequence of cheating is tethering your self-esteem and ruining your own life. Cheating is a choice and not a mistake and once you did you cheated on yourself out of allegiance. A single cheat is enough to interrogate all truths. Cheating is a slow poison, it slowly corrodes you from within and then kills your inner self eventually.

You may stand first to succeed in cheating a person but you will be the last to realize the loss of reliance that person had on you. One who cheats one’s own self is the most cheated and isn’t worthy enough to deserve faith and credence.

Cheating is easy, what’s more challenging is being honest and faithful.

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“Rise and Shine” is my life long-standing "Mantra" that I follow. I am a travel enthusiast. Travelling gives me energy and rejuvinates me, while writing relieves my stress and creates positive vibes within. I believe in making every little contribution towards making this world a better place for the coming generations to live in and breathe free. We should all understand and accept the fact that we are blessed with this existence as humans and utilize this bliss to help the unprivileged by making maximum humanitarian efforts. Gratitude is a bliss. Never miss a chance to express your gratitude especially towards the amazing God gift called "Nature". Have courage and be kind to others. Respect and discipline should be your master armours to fight the evil of overconfidence and arrogance. Chase your dreams, stand for and by yourself, spread love and kindness, act smart, don't let others ruin you in anyway and above all make all necessary efforts to rise and shine bright. Self-respect and self-confidence along with kindness and generosity should be the values by which people should reognize and remember you. Rise and Shine.

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