Close-up of beautiful woman face. On white background


The most powerful witness is your own conscience.

To witness is more to spectacle and less to perceive. We need to witness our own lives in order to bring out the best of us and free us from within. Being a witness for self or others takes abundant strength for it isn’t easy to withstand the odds it brings around you.

Witness your mind, your soul and let your ego not override the thoughts and dreams you nurture. Your tongue shivers to give out the truth because you didn’t manage to witness enough your words to add to the truth. Great outcomes are the greatest witnesses of the greatest humanitarian efforts put behind those outcomes.

Better be a witness than a judge to the things that aren’t into the limits of your gaze and were just overheard. Feel blessed to be witnessing rather than concluding as witnessing will leave you options to determine but concluding won’t.

Witness your imaginations, your temptations and your senses because you will arise smart to build up wisdom and cognizance to support your true self and the beautiful world surrounding you.

Witness your intentions and audience yourself dignified because you governed your senses and avoided them to be self-bribed.


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