A Rainy Day

A rainy day is an enrapturing day.

It doesn’t have morning, afternoon or evening but just a day as the weather remains more or less the same throughout the day. I can feel the drops of rain talking to each other. I am totally mesmerized by the calmness that I feel even in the sound of heavy rain. I love to see people smile when it’s raining. A rainy day is that perfect gift of God to mother nature where one can stay away from the world of chaos even while walking in the crowd.

A foggy yet beautiful rainy morning makes the regular cup of morning coffee a perfect one and every sip of it adds the touch of rain to your soul. Those small little puddles in your backyard don’t let you sit and relax but provoke you to jump into them and make you dance in the rain.

A hypnotizing rainy day will stretch you long on your armchair and fascinate you to celebrate the rain while you lay quiet and captivated. That earthy smell and the pitter-patter of the raindrops are so enchanting to leave you spellbound and dazzled.

A gripping rainy day can easily make one a pluviophile, a lover of rain enjoying peace and joy of mind, watching the rain. A rainy day will charm you to the extent that you start loving the whole world, the world that is held in rainy arms. A magnetizing rainy day will even confuse you to either stay laid in your chair for long hours or make you anxious for a walk in the woods.

Let such days of rain wash away all your sorrows and bring hopes and happiness into your life. On such rainy days, cuddle the rain and sing happy songs for this is life pouring on you cheerful moments.

Let the rain come into your life to not bring usher storms but bring dazzling colours of a bewitching sunset sky.



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