TEACHER – A sculptor


Education is the most powerful ammunition and a teacher guides us how, when and where to use this weapon to make this world a better place.

A Teacher is an enthusiast, a mentor and a remarkable person who takes up the task energetically of shaping the future. A teacher came into existence soon after the first question mark and since then the one providing solutions to that question mark. A teacher is the most trustworthy personality in parents’ life as they are dependent on a teacher who would tickle the brains of their children for some miraculous outcomes.

A teacher is the one for whom every single day is a challenge and a walk in an adventure park because of the responsibility of moulding younger generations and creating intellectual prospects. A teacher is such a gift of the Almighty which when unwrapped will cease the blockages and terminate the restrictions of life. A teacher smartly helps activate the brain’s gray cells with the aIm of developing curiosity, imparting knowledge and enticing wisdom that would encourage and influence the blooms of tomorrow and the society on the whole.

The teacher is the real sculptor who puts heart in carving out all the dust shrouding the hidden sculpture, which finally emerges into a masterpiece.

A teacher is an awakener, a creator, an inspirer and above all an enlightener.


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