Belief is an attitude, a mindset of faith and intent.
It is a reality check of decisions and willpower.

Belief of the one can singlehandedly lead the whole army towards a great and well-deserved victory. It has the power to unlatch the restrained dreams and desires.

Belief has the potential to remould your inner self and revamp your outer realm. It is the winning will to explore new horizons and reach the zenith. It is the measurement of potentials and an equilibrium of confidence and strength.

Belief is the source of trust that your caliber is your only competitor. It is the creator of all creations and believing makes you conquer the world. The only way to get better and becoming the best is to believe in yourself.

Belief is a mind game which when played blindly yet smartly results in reflecting your own capable self. Belief can conceive determination and perseverance.

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