Expectations Unlimited


A human mind is a treasure of thoughts – the mind’s own produce plus the thoughts fed by others. Out of these thoughts rise hopes & expectations.

Hopes fall within the precincts of miracles & faith while expectations belong to the shadows of agony & resentment. With hopes come dreams, achievements & happiness. On the other hand, expectations bring disappointments, worries, ruins & all in all a negative approach towards a beautiful life.

Expectations may turn your surety or assurance on something into an irony. It is a deliberate indignation to yourself. Sometimes we create an intentional discontent through this little feeling of expectation.

The magic wand is to lower your expectations and tower your hopes to avoid unnecessary consequences. Keep your expectations high on yourself and your achievements instead of idealizing others who may fall short of your expectations.

Doing good to others without expecting the same from them will raise your own standards of satisfaction and perception.

Set high expectations for yourself to catalyze ingenuity & ability.

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